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You shouldn’t have to worry

about whether you’ll get results

Our business is so confident in the delivery of results that we actually offer a guarantee – even though, technically, there’s absolutely no way to guarantee results with Google search rankings.

Our guarantee is based on track record, methods, competition analysis, and other factors that make us so confident that we can deliver – that we’ll make the whole thing risk-free for our clients.

So how do we guarantee something that can’t technically be guaranteed? 
Great question!

We guarantee to deliver substantial ranking improvements.

The way that Google is structured, it’s true that no one can guarantee a #1 spot on Google – but if you’re on page 3 or 4 of Google, that’s definitely going to work for you. 

So realistically, what we’re doing with our guarantee to you is removing any unnecessary risk from you and taking that on ourselves.

We have gotten all of our clients onto page 1 of Google in three months’ time or less.  For local SEO, we often get our clients in the #1 position for local rankings (the one with the map) and also a top position for the standard listings.

We make this whole process almost 100% risk-free!

Here are our commitments to you:

Geographic Exclusivity

No conflict of interest

You will be the only company that we’ll be working with that’s in your specific industry niche for a dedicated geographic radius.

This ensures that there are no conflicts of interest while we are working together. We won’t be helping any other companies in your niche that’s direct competition in your local area.

Many other SEO companies will take on any client and end up having their own clients competing against each other. We see this as an unethical practice and make sure that you are our top priority in your area.

Guarantee of Results

Substantial results guaranteed

We will deliver substantial results for your Google ranking and positioning. This will be mutually agreed upon as to what defines success and substantial improvement so there are no hidden “gotchas”.

We will only take on clients that we know we can deliver for. We take on the risk so you don’t have to. Have questions about how this works? Schedule a free consultation today!

Money-Back Guarantee

100% Money-Back Guarantee

So what happens if we don’t deliver the results on time? How does it work?

If we don’t achieve substantial Google ranking improvement for your business within three months, we will work with your business for free until we get those results for you.  There is a process.  It’s not magic.  Some companies have more competition than others – but our track record shows that we deliver and we’re willing to back it up.

In the extremely unlikely event that we don’t deliver the agreed-upon results, there are two possible courses of action for you to choose from:

1. Full, 100% refund
No questions asked. No hoops to jump through. If you want a refund, we’ll issue it without any delay.

2. Continued work for free until you get the results
If you like where things are headed, we can continue working for your business absolutely free until the results are delivered.

No matter what, we make sure you win.

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